from our farm to your table…


In an effort to be truly farm to fork, we grow much of our own produce and supplement from other local growers, farmers, and markets. From the hands that planted the seeds to the hands that present your plates, we strive to create meals we would share at our own dinner tables and that we are proud to serve you.

Our thanks to all of the hardworking farmers who provide us with fresh, Southwestern Ontario produce, dairy, and meats: Stemmler’s Meats, Elora Farmers’ Market, Gerrie’s Farm Market, Flora Lane, Craigmeadow Keig, and more…

soups salads and appetizers

smokehouse and comfort foods



Extra sour cream 1.00. Extra guacamole 1.00. Extra bread 1.00. Extra salsa 1.00.



Baked Brie (v, gf*)                                                                               14.00 

Breaded brie wheel baked until golden brown, served with our house-made relish and an assortment of breads. (Please specify unbranded brie for gluten-free* customers.)


Nachos (v, gf)                                                                                     12.00 

Chips smothered in cheese, green onions, red peppers, tomatoes and mushrooms, served with salsa and sour cream. Chicken or bacon, add 3.00.


Quesadilla (v)                                                                                      12.00 

Our Tex-Mex three-cheese blend with peppers, onions, and mushrooms. Served with sour cream and salsa. Chicken or bacon, add 3.00. 



Battered Onion Rings                                                                           11.00 

Golden-battered red onions piled high, served with Caesar dipping sauce.

Soup and Salads 


Soup of the Day   cup 5.00   bowl 6.50 

Our soups are made fresh daily from homemade stock and served with bread and butter.           


Caesar Salad   9.00                     Add chicken   3.00


The Cobb Salad was the creation of restaurateur Bob Cobb. In 1926, while working for the Brown Derby, Bob found a creative way to use what was at hand.




Bistro Comfort Corner


A selection of hearty classics that will surely tackle the biggest appetite. Gluten free bread for an additional $1.00. (Please note that $2.00 will be added for the kitchen to split an order.)


Mac & Cheese – Our Chef’s Signature!                                                16.00 

A creamy blend of cheeses, spinach and tomatoes, and smoked peppered bacon, baked until bubbling and golden brown. Served with bread and butter.

Add mushrooms $1.00.


The Fire Pot (v, gf*)                                                                          15.00 

Medley of curried beans and vegetables, served on a bed of coconut rice with hot pepper and fruit relish, and served with naan bread. (Gluten-free* bread available upon request add $1.00.)


Chicken Pot Pie                                                                               15.00 

Simmered chicken and bacon with a medley of vegetables, covered with our house-made pastry..


Pad Thai (gf*)                                                                                  17.00 

A delectable coconut-curry-peanut sauce with green onion, mushrooms, ginger, garlic, seasonal vegetables, chicken, and shrimp. Tossed with rice noodles, and served with naan bread. (Gluten-free* bread is available for an additional $1.00.)

Smokehouse Dinners


Our smokehouse dinners are served with a choice of two sides: fresh-baked cornbread, house-made creamy coleslaw, hand cut fries,  baked beans, or our signature mac & cheese. 

Smoked beef-brisket dinner    19.00


Smoked chicken dinner        17.00


Smoked pulled-pork dinner    19.00  


Smoked salmon dinner        19.00 

[In-house hot smoked] 



house-made burgers

signature sandwiches



All burgers served with your choice of fresh-cut fries or cup of soup or side garden salad, trimmed with lettuce, tomato, red onion.

Add bacon $2.00. Add Swiss or cheddar cheese $1.00.


The Bistro Burger                                                                                16.00 

A blend of lean ground beef and house-ground top sirloin. This six-ounce burger is a meal all on its own.


Portobello Bean Burger (v)                                                                    16.00 

Flavourful five-ounce vegetarian patty, served with marinated artichokes, sun-dried tomatoes, and all the trimmings.



Sandwiches come with your choice of fresh-cut fries or side soup or side garden salad. For Caesar salad or sweet-potato fries, add $2.00.



Spicy Chicken                                                                                    16.00 

Spiced chicken breast with guacamole, brie and honey mustard, oven-toasted on multigrain bread until hot and gooey.


Smoked Pulled Pork Sandwich                                                             17.00 

House-smoked, tossed in our BBQ sauce, and piled on a bun and topped with sweet red onions.


The Rueben                                                                                       16.00 

Sliced corned beef, piled high with sauerkraut and topped with melted swiss cheese and our tangy Rueben sauce on toasted rye bread.


The Bistro Club                                                                                  16.00 

Roasted chicken and double-smoked bacon lettuce, tomatoes,, mayonnaise, and Swiss cheese on toasted multigrain bread.


Smokehouse Salmon                                                                           17.00 

Our in-house hot-smoked buttery, melt-in-your-mouth salmon with lemon-dill aioli, spinach, and tomato, sandwiched between toasted slices of multigrain bread.


kids menu



Meals for kids 10 and Under are 7.50


Chicken Fingers (3) & Fries

Kids Mac & Cheese

Grilled Cheese & Fries      

Pasta with Parmesan Cheese     

Includes drink


Our dessert selection changes daily! 


It’s a verbal menu… Please ask your server about the desserts of the day!

Choices often include our famous butter tarts and our five-layer carrot cake.